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Removed from the electricity network, packet infinite business opportunities -- -- -- -- -- e-commerce era of packaging machinery industry
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In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet and retail, packaging machinery is widely used in food, hardware, FMCG industry such as cosmetics, after packaging enterprise of continuous efforts, packaging machinery industry has entered a new stage of development. However, with the emergence of a new stage, the corresponding problem also gradually appear, packaging machinery enterprise traditional management pattern seriously restricted the enterprise development, enterprises need to be in the development of a single channel and the traditional development mode of combining the plurality of electronic commerce, universality, rapid propagation, a comprehensive three-dimensional business model and marketing methods, so as to gain a foothold in the information explosion of the Internet age.

According to the survey, the current domestic engaged in packaging machinery production research and development of enterprises, there are more than 7000 packaging machinery mainly include packaging machine, filling machine, packing machine and so on several types, 10 have their respective models under each type, there are many different kinds of packaging machinery and can adapt to a variety of industry needs, and this is packing the first condition of mechanical energy to develop rapidly. But most companies are small and medium-sized enterprise competitive power is not strong, such enterprises are generally the traditional development road, did not make full use of the advantages of electronic commerce, it is difficult to win a bigger development. The traditional business model not only increased the enterprise operating costs, compress the profit space, and is not conducive to product circulation between customers and enterprises, limiting the development of enterprise.

Thus, under the current pattern of Internet development, packaging machinery to win big market, has a broad space for development, will have to go with the flow, with the development of electrical business era, positive cater to electricity, grappling with electricity. At present the main channel of development of packaging machinery industry is the traditional model of a customer by mining offline, this kind of development model seriously affected the growth of the industry, the emergence of electronic business integration the dual advantages of traditional and modern development channels, not only help packing machinery enterprise to reduce the production cost, expand sales channels, can make between companies and customers to realize without regional restrictions, time limit of trade, thereby freeing up more broad market space for development and to grab more business opportunities, and prosperity of the industry development.

Packaging machinery enterprises involved in e-commerce is not only the enterprise itself changes of requirements, but also will be the industry market, policy and end user's demand. As the tide of the information, therefore, not only packaging machinery enterprises to enter the electronic commerce, also will also mean that the whole comprehensive information into the trend of the market economy development phase.

Today, electronic commerce channels as new channels of packaging machinery development, the traditional industry is moving toward becoming an information based society, the network era progress, this is a theme is also an inevitable developing trend of the future society, packaging machinery industry will have a bright future.