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The tenth china-asean expo was held in guangxi nanning
Date2016-8-8 10:37:18 Visits

September 3-6, the tenth china-asean expo held in guangxi nanning. My company as a participating member in food packaging exhibition hall. The fair of our company products favored by guests from all over the world, harvest a lot of praise, and eventually won the "award for the best exhibitor".

The exposition and with the aid of the china-asean business and investment summit to establish strategic partnership with the 10th anniversary of one of the important node, and shows the achievements in the development of 10 years. The competition is fierce, but I company worked hard positive participation, will the expo as a golden opportunity to display their products. 6 in the afternoon, the expo concluded successfully. I also learned a lot of useful experience in the fair, at the same time also can realize my own shortcomings, the starting salary in the company leadership and staff efforts finally playing the beautiful game, with many merchants signed orders from all over the world.

Introduce my company employees which was very infectious, and care for the customer to choose goods attitude praised by many customers, and receive feedback on their enthusiasm. If you want to in the increasingly fierce competition in the globalization environment, for his place at product quality alone is not enough, to want to get them back, lasting relationship with customers is bound to do his company's brand culture. It is also important to know after the fair.

Do your company's brand, the first is on the basis of getting the product, improve our services, strengthen cultural exchanges and communication of science and technology, etc., increase the chance of similar large-scale exhibition of appearance. We learn the expo brand of many listed companies useful experience, and combining with the brand.