Coating Machine
JZLM90-1600 High-speed Paper and Plastic Coating Machine


Equipment status:

This machine is suitable for coating laminating on the coil paper, aluminum foil, unwoven fabric, weave, PP, PE and BOPP etc.

Unwinding of raw material to coating and winding adopts the advanced electric inverter equipments. Unwinding and changing adopts automatic changing, cutting and material joining without speed reducing. Adopts the own patent technology, the products have good quality: high peel off strength, good matte effect, symmetrical thickness, good leak tightness and so on. The machine adopts Mitsubishi PLC Controller interface. It is one of the most advanced extrusion melt coating machine in China.

Main technical parameter



Basic materials

The coil paper,aluminum foil,unwoven   frabic,weave,PP,PE and BOPP etc

Coating materials


Coating width

Max 1600mm

Coating thickness

0.012-0.035mm single layer

Peel off strength

3-5N/30mm according to the extruding   material

Symmetrical degree of coating


Mechanism speed


Max winding and unwinding diameter