Coating Machine
JDLF (90-65) x 2-1000 Multi-layer Coating and Laminating Machine


Equipment status:

It is suitable for producing paper- plastic packing material (max 7 layer laminate), Laminate Kraft paper (printing) with aluminium foil by plastic extrusion T-Die coating type. Finished product used for packing milk, fruit juice, tea drinks (paper brick & pillow shaped) with a max shelf life 12 months.

The equipment adopts Mitsubishi PLC man-machine interface operation and AC vector inverter control automatic constant Tension system, double work station automatic changing and continue web rolls. 

Main technical parameter



Unwind material

Web paper,web aluminum foil

Coating material

Resin as PE,PP,EVA,EMA,EMAA and so on

Coating width

Max 1000mm

Coating thickness

0.012-0.03mm single layer

Evenness of coating

Error ±6%

Strength of peel

3-5N/30mm according to real material

Machine design speed


The unwind&rewind max diameter