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The development trend of the Canton fair
Date2016-8-8 10:39:42 Visits

In August 1998, the international association of conference and meeting (ICCA) chairman and managing director's visit to China, marks the international conference organization has begun to aim at Chinese market. Executive director Tom Mr Holden published his views on China's exhibition industry prospects: China is a great potential of the international market, we decided to from high level to enter the Chinese convention and exhibition market, to help China to become the new conference destinations in the world. Indeed, despite the present development of China's exhibition industry with its own power and resource conditions unbecoming, but in the new century, with the change of the pattern of the world economy and the deepening of reform and opening up in China, will win the numerous opportunities for the development of Chinese exhibition industry, especially the accession to the WTO will make China's exhibition industry a series of changes in the management system and operation mechanism. Generally, a period in the future development of Chinese exhibition industry will present the following eight trends:

1, the trend of globalization

2, informationization trend

Informationization is an important measure to integrate with the international, China's exhibition industry standards, but also to the inevitable trend of development of exhibition industry. Here "the informationization" has two layers of meaning, one is to grasp the forefront international convention and exhibition industry as much as possible, including the latest trends of the industry, the theoretical research results, the exhibition information and professional equipment, etc.; 2 it is to make full use of all kinds of information technology in the exhibition industry, in order to improve the efficiency of industry management and activities organization.

3, collectivize trend

4, the brand trend

Brand is the soul of the exhibition industry development, also is the key to the sustainable development of China's exhibition industry in the 21st century to realize. Throughout all the international convention and exhibition industry developed in the world, almost all have their own brand exhibition and conference and exhibition city. For example, in Munich, Germany got more than 40 important exhibition every year, there are generally above is the industry's leading exhibition, exhibition of high-grade for Munich won a large number of exhibitors, and to enhance the appeal to the tourists. In order to enhance the international competitiveness of China's exhibition industry, the brand is necessary.

5, specialization trend

"Only realize specialization can highlight personality, to expand the scale, to form the brand" has become the consensus of the domestic exhibition industry. In the past a long time, China's exhibition industry to pursue to are integrated, emphasize conveniently small, and hope to attract more levels, more types of exhibitors, resulting in the exhibition not characteristics, scale is generally small, attraction is not strong. Also, mainly for this reason, the international exhibition of China is lack of.

Six, the innovation tendency

In the 21st century the century of innovation, in such an era of the pursuit of personality, if a thing is not often change chang xin will not be able to obtain the ability of sustainable development. Convention and exhibition industry in China is an emerging economy industry, and compared with the mice developed countries competitiveness, thus only continuous innovation can highlight its own characteristics, finally to achieve the effect of "fight against longer odds.

7, ecological trend

8 and professional trends

Overall, the world exhibition industry is to develop in the direction of diversification, including the product type more from where, the content of the variety and diversity in the field of management. First, the vigorous development of exhibition industry of convention and exhibition products put forward higher requirements. China's convention and exhibition enterprise should according to the local industrial economic base and its exhibition strength, actively develop new professional exhibition. Professional content can be involved in automotive, construction, electronics, real estate, flowers, and other industries, the key is to form their own brand as soon as possible. Second, the exhibition form is a shift from the traditional static display of business negotiation, to visit the exhibition, tourism and entertainment culture is equal to the project as a whole, then the inevitable developing trend of the global exhibition industry. Finally, face competition in the industry market, the vast majority of the convention and exhibition companies in China will strive to expand the operation of this enterprise project, the formation of the pattern of "thing is given priority to, a variety of management", to share the business risks, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.